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Giocs is specialised in project management for SAP (c) customers and System Integrators.


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2016-04 Interim Manager a clear gain for financial projects says Robert Half in his new study. link to press release in german
2015-12 Between 2010 and 2020, 15.7 million new project management roles will be created globally across seven project-intensive industries. Along with job growth, there will be a significant increase in the economic footprint of the profession; the project management profession is slated to grow by USD$6.61 Trillion. Source: PMI INDUSTRY GROWTH FORECAST between 2010-2020.
2015-11 good reading about Agil Status Quo from GPM
Global Scrum Gathering © , München, 17.-19. Oktober
PMI© Global Congress EMEA , Rome, 01.-03. Mai 2017